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Recycle Your Mobile With Sell Mobile Phone

Sell Mobile Phone has been setup primarily to help you get the most cash from recycling your mobile phones. Whether the phones are old, broken or even new, there will be a price for you.

The amount of old mobiles that end up in a landfill site are staggering and recycling sites are now here to help clear up the landfills, make room in your house, and of course give you cash back from helping out the environment by selling your mobile phone.

Each mobile phone contains toxic chemicals that are hazardrous to the environment, so by recycling phones in this nature, the less carbon footprints that are being produced.

If you are wondering what happens to the phones that are recycled then we can also provide information on what happens to your mobile. Most of the phones are refurbished and put into circulation again, whether that's here in the UK or in developing countries such as the third world. For phones that simply aren't in a condition to recycle on, these are sent out to smelters who will break the phones down and reclaim the precious materials that make up the mobile.

I Want to Sell My Phone with SellMobilePhone...

We are pleased that you have decided to trade in your old mobile phone, and are happy that you have chosen to recycle through Sell Mobile Phone. All you need to do now is follow the below steps to have the money in your pocket or bank.

  1. At the top of the page you will notice a search box; this is where you need to enter your model number or name sell your mobile.
  2. The next page you will be shown the current prices that are being offered for you mobile phone, here you can see star ratings for recyclers, payment methods given, and more importantly the price they offer for your phone.
  3. The next part will require you to click the 'sell now' button and then complete a few details over at the recycler website (these will include how you want to be paid, and your address and email for sending out information and materials*).
  4. The final step is to send your phone off to the recycler using the information sent through to your email on confirmation of the order, and then send the phone off, wait for them to receive and check the phone, and then finally wait for the payment.

*some recyclers will offer a freepost address, however some recyclers will also offer you free postage materials such as a bag or box.

What Happens If I Don't Recycle?

Recycling mobile phones is very important and at a time where carbon footprints have reached heightened levels it makes it that little bit more important to keep mobile phones out of the trash and to recycle them properly. If you decide not to recycle more phones will end up at landfills, or stashed away in draws. bringing more pollution to the Earth which will have a devistating effect in years to come.

That's why smelters and recycling companies like ourselves are here to help with the volume of mobile phones left unused, and what better way of increasing recycling by offering cash for your old goods.

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